Best Portable Drone with Camera, DJI Mavic Pro vs GoPro Karma

(Last Updated On: May 9, 2017)

DJI Mavic Pro vs GoPro Karma

GoPro Karma and DJI Mavic Pro have been launched one by one in two weeks. They are the most popular drone with camera in 2016, or even in 2017. Two drones can be folded, both can shoot 4K video. However, Mavic Pro has preloaded with a 4K camera, and the former needs to be used in conjunction with an extra sports camera. There are some fascinating places, and some disappointing points. Which one is the best portable drone with camera?

Design. DJI Mavic Pro is Much Smaller and Lighter, But GoPro Karma Multi-Function

These two products can be folded, are in the flagship portability, and the contrast between the two, DJI Mavic Pro seems to have more advantages.

First of all, both Mavic Pro and Karma are designed with a folding and very easy to carry. The Mavic Pro can be folded into only the size of the mineral water bottle, and lighter and more compact, you can directly into the bag or pocket pocket.

DJI Mavic 3

Although GoPro Karma is a drone which very portable, but it seems not to fold into the mineral water bottle size, it can only be used to carry a backpack, but compared with the ordinary UAV, has been very good.

GoPro Karma 3

If you are a data control, then the weight of the Mavic Pro 734 grams, after folding the size of 83 x 83 x 198 mm, while the weight of Karma is 1006 grams, the size after the folded of 117 x 224.3 x 365.2 mm.

GoPro Karma 7

Karma is not just a drone. You can remove the GoPro Hero waterproof camera, it will be installed in the surfboard, helmet, bicycle and dog, anything can be. 3 axis camera stabilizer you can also remove the Karma, put it and Karma Grip together, can become a good camera stabilizer system. With it, you can shoot super smooth handheld video, we can also be installed in the Grip body, riding a mountain bike when the film will be more excellent. The biggest difference between Karma drones and other UAVs is this: after the purchase, you get not only a flight UAV, but also get a multi-functional adventure film system.


Control. Mavic Pro is Smaller, but no built-in Screen

DJI Mavic 6

Remote control of Mavic Pro is small, there is no built-in display, you must use the phone on the above, this design makes the use some complex. When it comes to complexity, the menu system is a bit of a puzzle for amateurs.

The Mavic Pro has a new pattern, which is to provide a look very similar to the virtual reality helmet device, we can see the way from Mavic Pro VR shooting pictures. In addition, when wearing the helmet, you can also use the head action to control Mavic Pro.

GoPro Karma 6

Compared with the Mavic Pro, Karma remote control is larger. It has a built-in 5 inch touch screen, the screen is very bright, can also be read outside in the sunday. I do not like the phone or tablet installed in the remote control, because of this, Karma installation easier. Interface is very simple, very easy to use.

In addition, GoPro also launched Passenger applications, real-time images and content, which allows the user to view Karman in intelligent mobile phone shot on the course, we can not through this application in the intelligent mobile phone on Karman operation.

Performance. Mavic Pro much Smarter and Faster

When Karma was released, GoPro said it was a device for recording life. This sounds very good, and means that Karma is not only adaptable, but also a series of good features.

First, Karma has a stable flight system, and is equipped with a 90 degree motion sensor and a 3 axis moving system, while the DJI Mavic Pro also has a 3 axis stabilization system.

From the flight parameters, the maximum flight speed of Karma is 56 km / h, the maximum effective control range of 1 km, and the highest support 4500m flight altitude. The Mavic Pro also has more advantages in flight parameters, the maximum speed of 64 km / h, while the effective control distance reached an impressive 7 km, more than Karma out of the more than 6 km.

In addition, the maximum flight altitude, Mavic Pro also reached 5000 meters, higher than the Karma of more than 500 meters. Of course, Mavic Pro also provides a stripped down version of the flight altitude of 4500 meters, same as Karma.

At the time of flight, Karma stay in air for 20 minutes, Mavic defeated Karma Pro again, but 1 minutes to 21 minutes only. At the same time Mavic Pro continuous flight time of 27 minutes, while the Karma is only about 18 minutes. Of course, the two models can be used to increase the flight time by external battery.

DJI Mavic 4

In terms of other features, Karma supports a number of security features, such as built-in no fly range settings and a key return button. Of course, Mavic Pro also has some of the features that Karma does not have, such as obstacle detection.

This means that Mavic Pro will not hit the barrier, because in front of the built-in sensor for obstacle avoidance and collision avoidance system, in less than 36 km / hour, obstacles can advance recognition in front of 15 meters.

More importantly, DJI Mavic Pro also has the following features, according to the operator’s move to automatically follow the shoot, such as TapFly and ActiveTrack,  and GoPro Karma has not these features.

GoPro Karma 4

For the new player, the drone fly slower may be better, but Karma has no obstacle avoidance technology and unable to track the moving target: these two automation functions are quite practical, it is easier to make flying and shooting. Karma does have some cool automatic flight functions, such as Dronie, it can make the UAV rapid subduction; and Orbit mode, around you or a target 360 degree rotating flight, the camera to the internal; and Reveal model, the UAV can climb up the canyon wall to shoot; and finally Cable cab it can shoot back and forth mode, between two fixed points.

Camera. GoPro Karma HERO Series Much Better

For drones with camera, the shooting ability is one of the most important parameters, so it is possible to shoot a beautiful and comprehensive air screen is also very worthy of attention. So we look at these two drones in this respect.

First look at Pro Mavic. Mavic Pro uses a built-in camera, you can shoot 4K/30fps and 1080p/96fps picture quality, and can also capture 12 million pixel photos. Mavic Pro minimum shooting distance of 0.5 meters, the camera sensor is 1/2.3 inches. And such an impressive performance, with the flagship of DJI Phantom 4 at the same level.

DJI Mavic 7

While Karma does not have a built-in camera, but it can be used with GoPro’s latest flagship Sports Camera Hero 5 Black. The Hero5 Black has a professional stability system and better shooting performance, than Hero4 Black and Silver have significantly improved.

If Karma use Hero5 Black, then the shooting effect is basically equivalent to Mavic Pro. Including 4K/30fps and 1080p/120fps the highest quality pictures, and also a 12 million pixel photos capture.

Of course, Hero5 Black has a built-in touch screen, voice control, GPS positioning function, although GPS in UAV has become a standard feature.

There are several advantages of using a detachable camera like Karma, in which the most important is the ability to upgrade and update.

GoPro HERO5 Black 1

In the control aspect, Karma Grip can bring stable system more professional, but the most impressive is that we can keep the Hero5 Black down in other fields of the shooting, and also add more accessories, more functional.

The Mavic Pro uses the design of the camera can not be separated, and therefore more overall and stable. Of course, if you want, you can use Mavic Pro gesture control, an air self timer is no problem.

GoPro Karma 5

DJI Mavic Pro camera image clarity is not enough, the color is a bit faded, the dynamic range of some narrow, if the use of automatic mode shooting, many times can not accurately determine the lighting environment. And the DJI flagship Phantom 4 compared to GoPro Hero camera, the same size as 1/2.3 inch 12 million pixel image sensor, but its image quality is backward, because optical devices smaller, lower quality. Mavic Pro visual angle is very narrow, only 79 degrees, Phantom 4 reached 94 degrees, GoPro Hero reached a degree of 165 degrees. Several times, I shot in a specific environment, found that the lens of Mavic Pro is easy to form a water mist, resulting in the image is not clear.


DJI Mavic Pro: Smaller, Lighter, Faster, Smarter.

GoPro Karma: HERO 5 Black is amazing in Camera, Multi-Function with Karma Grip.

In a Word: DJI Mavic Pro fun to fly, 
GoPro Karma strong to shoot video!


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