Best Professional Drone with Camera, DJI Inspire 2

(Last Updated On: October 20, 2017)

Two months ago, DJI released a new product, enlightenment Inspire 2, this product has been greatly improved compared to the previous generation. If Mavic Pro greatly satisfy the ordinary people’s needs, then Inspire2 is almost tailored products as represented by professional photographers and the Hollywood film producer. DJI Inspire 2 is the Best Professional Drone with Camera, and maybe the only one.

DJI Inspire 2 1

Design for the Movie Maker

The previous generation Inspire ( DJI Inspire 1 Pro) is almost a monopoly of all must use drones to shoot the film and television scene, shooting complex systems integrated into a small UAV, Eliminating the erecting arm, rent helicopters and other large equipment. The UAV due to greatly save operating convenience and cost, is almost a must choice for the frequent use of aerial film and television .

However, this is limited to the above. Most people in Hollywood for the pursuit of the perfect picture quality, would rather choose a complex photographic equipment, not the next choice of UAV.

It is completely changed til DJI Inspire 2 launched.

DJI Inspire 2 3

Super Quality, not Inferior to Professional Camera

Inspire 2 uses a new image processing platform, the highest recording 5.2K CinemaDNG /RAW and Apple ProRes video, so the image quality and professional cameras have no difference. For the directors who care the quality adhere to excellence, not willing to sacrifice color purity, sense of hierarchy, bright and dark and other details, and could not find the critical reason to doubt this drone.

DJI Published a shot by the Inspire 2 micro film “The Circle”, the film quality is almost perfect. The film, coherent and rich shooting angle, so the film wants to express emotions like a poem.
In addition to the quality, the high cost of shooting makes a Hollywood movie directors to treat time as gold, the top professional photographers seem to be the only people who want to know what the director want. Inspire 2 needs to be done, powerful and rich intelligent features make complex shooting action becomes very simple.

Inspire 2 has updated image system, X5S camera, CineCore 2.0 Media System and High Speed with High Capacity PCIE SSD memory card.

X5S has M4/3 sensor size with 20.8M pixel, 30% higher than X5R which Inspire 1 pro used. CineCore 2.0 Media System is integrated in Drone, not Camera, so Inpire 2 can not complicated with the old Camera.

Spotlight Pro,Intelligent and Parallel Shooting

Intelligent shooting and parallel shooting function also provides great convenience for the photographer. In the use of Spotlight Pro smart camera function when shooting, the photographer can be set in advance in the picture good composition position and object size, then start with the film, but also can control the Pan-Tilt in the filming process, adjust the position of the composition. When the Parallel model is used, the Parallel model can keep the plane on the side of the shooting object and is parallel to the shooting.

In addition, when you focus on the shooting, the environmental sense function is valid, no need to worry about the aircraft will hit the barrier at high speed. Spotlight Pro is available in all Intelligent Flight Modes including ActiveTrack, TapFly, Waypoint and Point of Interest.

Flight and Shooting Vision is Separated, Focus on Shooting

The previous generation flew out of sight range, aircraft flight control course and shooting vision were only with the only camera, this time there will be conflict in both flight safety and photography effect .

DJI Inspire 2 4

New two axis FPV camera, to solve the conflict of flight control and the main camera view screen adjustment. That is to say, the first hand can cut to FPV camera from the perspective to control plane, another person can ask the  Pan-Tilt control steering turn the right angle which required from the directors without fear of normal flight.

DJI Inspire 2 5

Hollywood movies have been able to show disdain for the world, shocking scenes and making money. While filming scenes of the complex environment also puts forward a high demand for equipment. The incomparable Inspire 2 powerful performance, but also to make the aircraft in the face of a variety of extreme scenarios seem relaxed.

Powerful Power and Driver

Inspire 2 0-80 km/h acceleration time only 5 seconds, the maximum flight speed up to 94 km/h. To make a comparison, the general 1.6L compact car, 0-100 km / h acceleration is 11-12 seconds; Maserati GranCabrio 100km acceleration is 5 seconds; F1 racing Ferrari racing 100km acceleration is within 3 seconds. In other words, Inspire 2 can parallel with most of the world’s car.

DJI Inspire 2 6

The directors and photographers of “Speed and passion” may have to be crazy, racing scene in a film no longer parallel shooting with another car, complete this complex action you can use Inspire 2. In addition, due to the small size and portability of the Inspire 2 aircraft itself, it can complete many of the narrow tunnel and street shooting action, greatly enriched the director’s perspective.

Polar Flight, Keep Performance

Self heating dual battery system. Smart battery self heating system makes Inspire 2 in the subzero temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, can also maintain good battery performance. While other UAV products, the lowest temperature is 10 degrees below zero. In other words, Inspire 2 can be used in most of the world’s cold environment.

DJI Inspire 2 7

Professional Camera Moving in 3D Space

Inspire 2 is a product that is enough to change Hollywood and the film industry. After solving the problem of image quality, ease of operation and the ability to adapt to the complex environment, the Inspire 2 can be regarded as a professional camera in a three-dimensional space. Directors can do according to their own ideas to adjust the shooting angle without considering the technical problems. With Inspire 2 the popularity in large field, believe that the future will be more rich from the perspective of movie film, the audience will feel stronger.


High Performance Camera and Media System

Dual Camera with FPV Vision

Flight Time up to 30 Minutes, and Self Heating Dual Battery System


Smart to Flight, Avoid Substance



Can not complicated old camera

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