DJI Spark, the Best Self Timer Camera Drone is Coming…

Today, I’m going to show you a product that is truly exceptional. It’s something that the world has needed for a long time. A small, cheap, durable, and reliable drone with enough intelligence to fly itself, but enough features and options to let you grow as a new drone owner. In other words, It’s the cheapest drone that doesn’t well… suck. This is the soon-to-be most popular drone of 2017 and beyond. It is the Best Self Timer Camera Drone in the world soon. The king of the in house drone.

DJI Spark 2

Our website MyFirstDrone has been around for many years and we’ve been through all of the trends, fads, and evolutions in the drone industry. The DJI Spark isn’t just another drone from DJI. You could call it the Tesla Model 3 of drones. It’s an affordable, hi-quality, mass-market mainstream drone that almost everyone is going to want.

With that said, before getting into what this drone can do, let me tell you what it can’t do. It is not a replacement for the DJI Mavic Pro or Phantom 4 Pro. It doesn’t Shoot 4K, fly faster than the speed of light or avoid obstacles from every direction like some of DJI’s other drones. It’s a Spark, not a fire, but if you don’t own a drone yet, this is where it all starts.

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The First Inflatable Drone can Float on the Water, France Airvada Diadon

[Abstract] Compared with most ordinary Drones, Diadon is not afraid of water, and can even fly in the rain or directly on the water.

Airvada Diadon 2

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Intel Released “Aero Ready to Fly Drone”, DJI has the Strongest Competitor now

intel aero ready to fly drone

In this year’s Super Bowl Show, Intel has used 300 drones to help Lady Gaga show. Today, Intel drone officially sale on the official website. Aero Ready to Fly Drone will be the strongest competitor of DJI?

intel aero ready to fly drone

Intel’s “Aero Ready Fly Drone” is priced at $1099, including a flight controller, a remote controller, and a transmitter, but not includes the battery. The weighs of the version which not include the battery is 865 grams, the maximum wind speed can withstand 15 knots (about 7.72m/s), the maximum flight speed of 15m/s, the maximum altitude of 122 meters, the maximum control distance is 300 meters, the working temperature is 0~45 degrees.

Intel recommends 4000+mAh, as well as XT60 plug in high capacity 4S lithium polymer battery. According to Intel, the use of Intel recommended battery, you can fly in the state without load for about 20 minutes.

Intel drone automatic flight with GPS, autonomous navigation, automatic identification and obstacle avoidance function, and is equipped with Intel’s own 3D RealSense depth camera, can be used for object recognition and rough measurement. The fuselage is made of carbon fiber material, and is equipped with electronic speed controller, motor and propeller, but also equipped with a large number of sensors, such as altimeter and magnetometer.

Intel has been active to enter the UAV market in recent years. Previously, Intel has invested in UAV manufacturer Yuneec ( a Chinese company), and has merged Ascending Technologies (a German UAV manufacturer), MAVinci ( a UAV software developer), and Silicon Valley start-up visual processing company Movidius ( DJI Phantom and Mavic is used in Movidius VPU).

In the Super Bowl debut “Shooting Stars” can change color and draw images in the air, and these UAVs can fly together, through the algorithm to plan the flight path. Aero Ready Fly Drone and Shooting Stars is similar, can also be programmed, and through programming into a computer vision implanted UAV to.

A spokesman for Intel said that some drone users only need to be able to develop their own applications for UAVs, Aero Ready to Drone Fly is aimed at such users.

Currently on the market with the price of the product is DJI Phantom 4 and Mavic Pro, but also equipped with a 3D camera for visual flight, and also has the function of obstacle avoidance, the flight time in 28 minutes. Phantom 4 maximum control distance of 5 km, while the maximum control distance of Mavic Pro is about 7 km, much longer than Intel’s Aero Ready to Fly which only 300 meters.

DJI Phantom 4 pro 1
DJI Phantom 4 pro
DJI Mavic Pro 1
DJI Mavic Pro

Intel has started selling Aero Developer Suite, mainly for those who want to start from scratch UAV enthusiasts. However, users need to buy a separate RealSense camera, motors and other accessories.

Aero Ready to Fly Drone Compute based on Intel’s own Aero motherboard, the motherboard is the Atom Intel x7-Z8750 processor, equipped with 4GB RAM + 32GB ROM, support extended memory card, WiFi, and a USB 3 interface.

The UAV also has 8 million front camera, as well as a downward VGA camera to help smooth flight. In addition, there is a dedicated automatic flight function of the ARM microcontroller, as well as a Altera Max 10 FPGA, running Linux operating system.

It is just beginning…

Trend of UAV from CES in 2017, Growth Point or Freezing Point?

ZeroTech Dobby 1

In 2017, the UAV industry seems to step on a rope, even DJI could not escape the saturated market slowdown, and like many of the small size of the body Ehang suffer from “big company disease”, the implementation of large layoffs, the momentum spread to the friends of ZeroTech to control layoffs. It seems industry reached a new freezing point. But the new comer like Small Ant, GoPro, is still full of confidence. What kind of a route in 2017 of the UAV industry?

DJI and Hasselblad 13

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PowerRay, the First Drone under the Water

PowerRay Drone under the Water 1

Many people have a dream, hope can fly in the sky, see the world with the bird perspective. With the development of science and technology, the consumption level of UAV has become people’s toys, DJI is the best choice. When we operate drones to fly up to the sky, to observe everything in this “God perspective”, immediately feel human is small, fear all things of life arise spontaneously.

The insatiable desire for human beings, when ordinary consumers can experience the joy of UAV, many consumers will look into the sea. Will we be able to control an unmanned submarine, sail on the mysterious sea floor, dance with the fish, to find the mysterious treasure? In the global science and technology vane of the United States CES 2017 exhibition, a company named PowerVision which come from China to meet the human desire, it is the first underwater robot drone – PowerRay.

PowerVision on the CES2017
PowerVision on the CES2017

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The Acquisition of Hasselblad, DJI Aerial Aristocratic Era

Hasselblad H5D-60 Medium Format Digital SLR Camera

Photography website luminous-landscape reported that Hasselblad will be acquired by DJI, said sources from a number of reliable sources. The Hasselblad encountered financial problems and rejected by the investment company, then DJI supports Hasselblad from the original small shareholders into big shareholder.

DJI and Hasselblad 1

For the acquisition of Hasselblad, the industry is relatively calm. After all, DJI has become a Hasselblad investment side early in 2015 , so the possibility of acquisition is very high, Luminous Landscape in the paper said that the message will be announced soon.

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