PowerRay, the First Drone under the Water

(Last Updated On: March 2, 2017)

Many people have a dream, hope can fly in the sky, see the world with the bird perspective. With the development of science and technology, the consumption level of UAV has become people’s toys, DJI is the best choice. When we operate drones to fly up to the sky, to observe everything in this “God perspective”, immediately feel human is small, fear all things of life arise spontaneously.

The insatiable desire for human beings, when ordinary consumers can experience the joy of UAV, many consumers will look into the sea. Will we be able to control an unmanned submarine, sail on the mysterious sea floor, dance with the fish, to find the mysterious treasure? In the global science and technology vane of the United States CES 2017 exhibition, a company named PowerVision which come from China to meet the human desire, it is the first underwater robot drone – PowerRay.

PowerVision on the CES2017
PowerVision on the CES2017

From a technical point of view, if a company can launch an unmanned aircraft, then the core technology of unmanned aerial vehicles under the water, such as remote sensing, positioning, control interface, etc. can be transplanted parallel. But in order to launch a truly civilian level diving machine, in addition to the technology also need to have enough application scenarios to convince users, apparently PowerRay is a point of pain for the user and the product.

PowerEgg drone 1
PowerEgg drone

Before PowerRay, PowerVison company has launched a PowerEgg drone, it solve the user three main pain points:  1 the problem of carrying of  traditional four axis unmanned aircraft, 2 the way of traditional control of UAV, 3 traditional UAV camera limited. How to solve these points? Please see related articles.  But the feedback from the market point of view, PowerEgg can come into contact with the unmanned aircraft users to easily get started, let the user expected to carry UAV Travel Lite travel, take video more easily. Generally speaking, is to reduce the barriers to entry of unmanned aerial vehicles, become a mass consumer goods.

PowerRay Drone under the Water 1
PowerRay Drone under the Water

PowerVision said: PowerRay is designed for movie producer, geeks, outdoor enthusiasts and fishing users. Frankly, the first two categories of users of unmanned submersible quite understand, and how to persuade the latter two categories of users to choose PowerRay is the measure of the success of this innovative product standards.

Fishing, now you can be more confident.

Fishing on the sea has become a popular pastime sport, but fishing is not only a technical activity, but also the patience and luck of multiple pubmed. I have experienced many times in the best of spirits to the sea, become dejected and despondent sadness back. The launch of PowerRay, can greatly reduce the probability of empty handed.

PowerRay Drone under the Water 2
PowerRay Drone under the Water with sonar

The PowerRay is equipped with a smart fish search function with sonar, fish lamp, drag the line and the 4K camera. The fishermen can through the intelligent function with sonar fish finding device detect sailing depth within 40 meters, and the depth of the size distribution of fish, water temperature, water depth and bottom topography. And then you can attract the fish lamp near, when there is a fish hook, drag the line off automatically on the hook, using the traditional way of collecting angler fish recovery. Of course, all of this can be viewed and recorded by the 4K camera on the PowerRay.

PowerRay Drone under the Water 3
PowerRay Drone under the Water with fish lamp and 4K Camera

Will it lose the fun of fishing? This is the most problem in the United States CES2017 exhibition site. The author believes that the appearance of PowerRay is only to reduce the bad probability of fishing, fishing for the matter itself does not affect. Because the average is difficult to quickly locate the angler fish, if not in a fish hook under the waters that would be wasted time. Not only that, as in the sea environment, the waves will affect the normal state of the buoy anglers judgment, hand fish hook is some thing, if all this can feedback through the sonar chart and real-time video, it can greatly enhance the success rate.

PowerRay Drone under the Water 4
PowerRay Drone under the Water with fish line

In addition, even for high-end fishing players, PowerRay is still fishing artifact. For example, in winter ice environment, fishing is almost blind active, because the ice under the situation completely rely on luck. But after the PowerRay, the fishermen can then openings at any position, PowerRay can be transported to the fish hook, the rest is slowly waiting for fish bait.

So, simply say that PowerRay can not help you fishing, it is only a tool to increase the success rate of fishing and fun.

PowerRay Drone under the Water 5
PowerRay Drone under the Water with line control, don’t be afraid to lose it

In the mode of operation, PowerRay inherited the former unmanned aircraft PowerEgg low threshold advantage. Provide four modes controller: professional controller, mobile phone APP control, remote control, and VR glasses.

PowerRay Drone under the Water 6
PowerRay Drone under the Water with APP control

APP on the mobile phone can provide two kinds of operating interface, quickly switch between the fish finder screen and the capture screen, more professional support for underwater shooting and underwater fishing. On the one hand can be observed in the mobile phone users to find fish monitoring data, including fish and underwater topography, also can be shot through the real-time feedback navigation attitude information, ensure that the PowerRay navigation in good condition.

PowerRay Drone under the Water 7
PowerRay Drone under the Water supports VR Glasses

It is worth mentioning that, PowerRay use a dedicated VR glasses, can provide users with the first perspective of the undersea navigation experience. Not only can watch the fishing process at a distance, and even interact with other users underwater, fun endless. VR glasses can also be PowerRay under water control by gravity sensing motion: by changing the head left and right, upward and downward position PowerRay to achieve control of turning left and right, floating and sinking function. It is worth mentioning that, PowerRay also supports a number of VR glasses at the same time to watch, and can set the controller mode and observer mode, to share with friends, more joy.

The PowerRay is designed with military grade seal, which can be used to navigate on the surface, and can also be used for underwater navigation. It can meet the navigation ability of 30m and can be used under the condition of fresh water or sea water. The longest duration of up to 4 hours, fully meet the needs of the use of fishing enthusiasts.

PowerRay Drone under the Water 8
PowerRay Drone under the Water photo

Various user requirements, as unmanned aircraft market demand. We can never go to speculate on the real needs of users, but it can be expected that with the market consumption level rising, consumer demand for entertainment are constantly upgrading. Review of PowerEgg in 2016 to start at the beginning of the congregation raised platform to reach 100 million yuan support, presumably PowerRay results will not be bad.

PowerVision did not disclose the specific pricing of PowerRay. However, the site staff told the author, PowerRay will be pre-sale in February 27, 2017.

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