The Acquisition of Hasselblad, DJI Aerial Aristocratic Era

(Last Updated On: March 2, 2017)

Photography website luminous-landscape reported that Hasselblad will be acquired by DJI, said sources from a number of reliable sources. The Hasselblad encountered financial problems and rejected by the investment company, then DJI supports Hasselblad from the original small shareholders into big shareholder.

DJI and Hasselblad 1

For the acquisition of Hasselblad, the industry is relatively calm. After all, DJI has become a Hasselblad investment side early in 2015 , so the possibility of acquisition is very high, Luminous Landscape in the paper said that the message will be announced soon.

First, DJI take the business from the sky to the ground, need a variety of gimbal platform and professional aerial camera, Hasselblad is suitable to be the high-end camera brand endorsement. DJI once said: “in the photography circle, Hasselblad is not only one of the pioneers of the global optical camera, but also to the noble brand image exists in the minds of consumers, consistent with the pursuit of the ultimate grade temperament of DJI.”

Second, Hasselblad situation was not good. History and reality can not solve the problem of food and clothing, photographic equipment industry is now fully transferred from the film to digital phase, Hasselblad is no exception. Countless companies in the transition failed to succeed, even go downhill, Kodak is a good example……

The “bottom” of the Hasselblad

“Hasselblad” is a camera brand in the Swedish, this is to rely on aerial started. As early as during World War II, founder Vidocq Hasu began to provide the camera for the Swedish Air Force Army. And by 1948, formally entering the consumer photographic industry.

DJI and Hasselblad 2

Later on, by virtue of excellent workmanship, reliable design, do not compromise quality, Hasselblad became a pioneer of optical camera, get the attention of NASA, and in July 1969 took photos of the first man on the moon, then big fame.

DJI and Hasselblad 12
Hasselblad 500 Camera kit

Unlike Leica flagship full frame camera, Hasselblad is mainly engaged in larger format camera. Depend on decades in the camera industry strong brand heritage, Hasselblad 500 series and H5D series, is synonymous with high-end, professional. Single price even up to several tens of thousands of dollars, as the camera circles “noble”.

Hasselblad H5D-60 Medium Format Digital SLR Camera
Hasselblad H5D-60 Medium Format Digital SLR Camera

Behind the seemingly scenery, Hasselblad with the problem of shortage of funds. In October 2015, rumor that it will be sold to the Phase One. It received the amount of orders exceeded expectations of X1D has been dragged to a small shipment in December 2016. However, the final choice of the Hasselblad reaching out to DJI, and formally established cooperative relations, has launched a special surveying aerial suit.

The “Top” of DJI

DJI M600

According to market research firm IDC data show that in 2016 the aerial UAV market only about 400 thousand, while the UAV market in consumer photography, the audience is a group of “hands-on ability, not bad money” technology fans, this kind of market is small, and these people have DIY UAV, the consumer market poor stability. DJI has 50% market share in consumer level, and almost 90% revenue. Somehow is the top of the drone market.

On the other hand, in the enterprise market, the UAV with a clear purpose, the management system is relatively perfect, aerial drones have a better market prospects, both in the broadcast, film, or agriculture, forestry, geological exploration, city patrol, has a stable and broad market.

This requires DJI from “UAV Company” into “Imaging Company”, but the optical imaging system is not a short duration of time accumulation can be completed, need Hasselblad such old camera manufacturers to provide technical endorsement. So the Hasselblad financial difficulties, DJI decisively out “help”, a strategic partner.


Hasselblad cooperation with DJI to avoid the collapse.  In September 2016 Hasselblad provide camera module “rub eyes” to the MOTO Z mobile phone, to further enhance the brand visibility.

In 2016, Leica authorized HUAWEI launched with Leica camera HUAWEI P9 and Mate9 intelligent mobile phone, HUAWEI mobile phone with tens of millions of sales, Leica successful “hot sale”, in 2016 the camera brand awareness in the way into the top 5.

The higher brand exposure, has brought new opportunities to the Hasselblad, let Hasselblad can be a little “low profile”, change to “light luxury” line (although you or I may not afford). Just can meet the upgrade of consumption, to meet the urgent need to use the rich luxury to distinguish between the needs of the class.

DJI and Hasselblad 7

GoPro jumped drone market last year, has become the big competitor of DJI for the HERO active camera series. Some export think GoPro Karma is better than DJI Mavic Pro, just for the Camera. DJI also need strong camera technology and brand upgrade.

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