The First Inflatable Drone can Float on the Water, France Airvada Diadon

(Last Updated On: April 6, 2017)[Abstract] Compared with most ordinary Drones, Diadon is not afraid of water, and can even fly in the rain or directly on the water.

Airvada Diadon 2

When DJI and GoPro and other companies have begun to launch a portable folding Drone, from France’s start-up company Airvada came up with a different idea, that is inflatable Drone. The Airvada Diadon should be the world’s first inflatable UAV, and in the folded state, the space is less than 20 cm.

In addition to being able to inflate and deflate like a balloon, Diadon also has some other interesting features. For example, compared with the majority of ordinary Drones, Diadon is not afraid of water, or even fly in the rain or direct landing on the water. Airvada said, Diadon took off from folding, the whole process less than 60 seconds, and either collapsed or expanded process, did not lose to the traditional folding drones.

Airvada Diadon 1

Diadon Drone is very light, the lightest one only 0.44 pounds (about 200 grams). In accordance with the requirements of the United States FAA, if the UAV is less than 0.55 pounds, you do not need to register, do not need a business license. Just don’t know if 0.44 pounds are included with the HD camera. Although the weight of light, the aircraft battery life is only 20 minutes, and like other UAVs almost.

Airvada Diadon 4

In addition to the minimum version, there are two large version of Drone, the MP40, 0.88 pound (about 400 grams), the HP150, weighing 3.3 pounds (about 1.5 kg), they can carry more heavy equipments, such as thermal imaging camera, balance frame camera, endurance Drone is extended to 30-35 minutes.

The purchase of Diadon distribution control panel, even the pump (for Drone air), special box. Diadon prices are not yet known.

Diadon can be said to be the first inflatable unmanned aerial vehicles, in fact, there are companies in order to design a lighter UAV to balloon learning. Last year, for example, Panasonic demonstrated a prototype unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Ballooncam, which can also be inflated, even when the UAV is flying over the crowd.

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